Sunday, March 13, 2011


Dear Readers,
Welcome to my english blog...
I started my blog few months ago but lately i feel the need to start writing in english and not only in italian because that way half of my family and friends were cut off of my blog...

hopefully i will find new friends this way... internet is amazing for some things...

Anyway let me introduce my-self and my family...

I'm a 30 years old mum and wife!!!
I'm Italian and i have a PhD in European and Comparative Politics, a carrier.... that i put on the side once i had my baby Annajoyce (10 months now) because taking care of her and my husband was more important so... I'm a wife, and a mum by choice, i could have put my daughter in a day care and follow up on my carrer but on the other hand someone else would have been there for her first smiles, her first words and her first steps... and as time is teaching me... that's so amazing and fascinating to see how your baby grows that i coudn't give it up!!!
and everyday... no matter how hard it is and how tough it gets... I'm happy to be there for all of Aj's milestones... i try to videotape as much as i can but sometimes she does things once and doesn't want to do them again... so i'm glad that i'm there to see them!!!

We live in Columbus, Ohio because my husband is a PhD student himself at the Ohio State University and until he finishes we are stuck here in the cold weather and that sucks not only because of the weather but also because we are far away from both sides of the family... my side which is in Italy and his side which is in North Carolina, hopefully he will finish soon the PhD and we'll move closed to either one!!!

Enjoy my blog and leave me a comment if you like!!!

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