Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Bow for Maddie

Yesterday evening I came across this blog and I found out what I wish never happened to this young couple. They lost their baby girl at only 4 months of age... she, Madison, stopped breathing for no reason 2 days after she became only 4 months old...

Her mommy, 27 years-old must be devasted, it's impossible to think about what she is going trough, yet she is such a strong woman... she keeps talking about her Maddie and she keeps posting about everything that is going on right now with her life.... i hope that helps her to find peace in her hearth.

I'm writing this post because she asked everybody to wear bows for Maddie today... so even if Annajoyce hates them we tried to put on the best one she has and to take a picture to send to Maddie's mommy so she can feel all the love coming her way from all-over the world.

We were actually able to take few nice pictures.

Rest in peace Maddie in babies' heaven, and you mommy and daddy may find peace on hearth while Maddie will be watching over you.

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