Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Date...

Tonight for the first time in a while... since july or august 2010 we went out on a Date!!!

Since Aj is born my husband and me always took aj with us whereever we went... but tonight since we are at grandma's house and aj went to sleep early we went out on a date... we went to the movies and than we stopped to get some FRESH doghnuts... DELICIOUS!!!!

We watched The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and we enjoyed so much!!!!!!!!!!

the movie is so great and with such an unexpected ending... which i'm not going to reveal for who of you that didn't see the movie yet but wants to.

Anyway... we went to the movies and got some popcorns and crunched 'em up during the whole movie.... really like a couple on a first date!!!

Thank you hubby for the great evening ... we had fun!

And abole all... Aj at home was peacefully sleeping... when i got back home and checked on her i kissed her and she sights as to say: "finally you're back home, now i can rest better!!!" than around 2 am she woke up again and hugged me!!! Such a sweety pie...

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